Summer 2014: Full Issue

   02 Working on a Career in Physics
Stars | SPS Awards and Accolades
   04 Spring 2013-14 SPS Award Recipients
Pathways | Advice from Experienced Voices
   06 Astronomy as a Personal Endeavor
Interactions | SPS Chapters in Action
   08 MythBusters in Utah
   09 Getting Hands-On in Ann Arbor
   10 Raising the Big Top in DC
   11 Free-Fallin' Physics at Six Flags
Building Blocks | Undergraduate Research Projects
   12 Astronomical Opportunities
Feature | Career Options for Physicists
   14 Attention Physics Students: You Have Options
   16 Careers Toolbox for Undergraduate Physics Students
   18 Find Your Job Title
   19 So You Want to be an Innovator?
   20 There and Back Again
   21 Teacher Talk
   22 Transitioning from Student to Researcher
Meeting Notes | SPS Reporters at Science Conferences
   23 APS March: Mile-High Physics
   24 APS April: Physics Safari to Savannah
Singularities | Profiles in Physics
   26 Smart Guy
Elegant Connections in Physics
   27 The Applied Physics of Gasoline Engines, Part 2
Photo Gallery
   32 Physicists and Their Cars

About the Cover
To help you think about your career plans, we present a special feature titled "Career Options for Physicists" starting on p. 14. Illustration by Bobby Logan Hancock.

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Summer 2014

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